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anthracite filter media

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Brand Name︰LIANYOU
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Product Description
Appearance: granules of anthracite
Applications : drinking water, food industry, chemical/dyeing industry, sea/salt water filtration, petro-chemical industry, pulp/paper industry, sauna, spa, pool, , boiler, etc

specifications︰Effective Size (mm): 1.0mm
Uniformity Coefficient<1.5
Bulk density( kg/m³): 820
Special gravity(g/cm3): 1.4-1.6
Mohs Hardness: 3-4
Break Rate: < 0.3%
Wear Rate: < 0.2%
Acid Solubility: < 3%
Fixed carbon: > 90% (moisture & ash free)
Volatile matter: <7%
Total sulfur: < 1%
Moisture: < 3%
1. Longer Filter Runs
2. Faster Filtration
3. Long Life
4. Good Separation Characteristics
5. Savings in wash water and power
6. Removes more iron and manganese salts
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