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Dimethyl Carbonate(DMC)
Molecular formula: C3H6O3
Under normal temperature, it is a colorless, transparent liquid with a molecular weight of 90.08.It has a melting point of 4℃ and a boiling point of 90.3℃.Its index of refraction (nd20), viscosity and latent heat of vaporization are respectively 1.3697,0.664mpa.s and 8382KJ/Kmol. It can be mixed with such organic so ents as alcohol, ketone, ester, etc. at any proportion but it is slightly soluble in water.
It is a perfect methylating agent, carbonylating agent, methoxylating agent and methylolating agent with active chemical properties. As an organic synthetic intermediate, it has found wide applications in making low-boiling-point so ents, cleaning agents, propellants and so ents for special paints and sprays. With further processing, it can also be used as gasoline additive, electrolyte for high-performance batteries, medium and reagent for water treatment. Besides, it can be used for the preparation of polycarbonate, medicine and pesticide, perfume and synthetic lubricants, etc. It is an ideal substitute for toxic substances such as phosgene, dimethyl sulphate, and methyl chloraformate. Thus, it is a green chemical product
specifications︰DMC content, % ≥ 99.9
Moisture, % ≤ 0.002
Acidity, (as H+) mmol/100g ≤ 0.08
Non-volatile matter, % ≤0.01
Density (20℃), g/cm3: 1.071
Harzen: 5
Appearance: Colorless, transparent, liquid
C2H5 ppm ≤0.01
Cl ppm ≤1
Fe ppm ≤1
Cu ppm ≤1
Pb ppm ≤1
Na ppm ≤1
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